Partnership Established Between triiyo and WORK180

The partnership between triiyo and WORK180 can be seen by our shared commitment to create inclusive, equitable and diverse workplaces.

Eda Caspillo, Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Partnership Established Between triiyo and WORK180

Why triiyo has partnered with WORK180

Women continue to face a multitude of barriers in the workplace, which are often compounded with prejudices such as racism, ableism, and ageism. These inequities are more than just a moral issue; holding back over half the world’s population is negatively impacting us all, including businesses.

The WORK180 team is dedicated to removing these barriers, and they do this by focusing on their mission: To raise organisational standards so that all women can choose workplaces where they can thrive.

Our decision to collaborate with WORK180 can be seen by our mutual commitment to create inclusive and diverse workplaces and move the dial on gender inequality, which is key to reducing the gender pay gap for women.

How triiyo aligns with WORK180’s mission

Organisations are investing in a range of employee benefits and improvements in policy, such as parental leave, to address issues regarding diversity, inclusion and belonging and talent retention, specifically increasing female participation and maintaining women in leadership roles.

For organisations to maximise their ROI on their investment into policy reform, they need to ensure their people have a positive experience in relation to the policy, not simply benefit from the policy changes. For this to happen they need to be adequately supported by their manager, who is the conduit between organisational policy and employee experience. Unfortunately, managers are often untrained and unsupported when it comes to staff management during workplace transitions and life events. 

Without having a process in place that supports the manager to support their employees better throughout the whole employee work-life cycle, more often than not the employee experience is negative, resulting in high attrition rates and poor company perception.

triiyo provides a seamless process that underpins company policy and procedures via automated communication flows that are configured to your organisation. Employees and managers are guided along the time-based journey ensuring everyone has a positive experience which increases the return on investment in both policy and your people.

About triiyo

triiyo is an employee-centric, connectivity platform that simplifies the way people connect and communicate during workplace transitions. The centralised platform provides a safe space for employees to confidentially access support, connect and share information during complex events throughout the employee lifecycle.

Focused on employee wellbeing, engagement, and retention, organisations are able to prioritise the employee experience by supporting both managers and employees via automated tailored communication flows, communities and expertly curated content.

triiyo is seeking to partner with progressive HR people and innovative companies.

About WORK180

WORK180 promotes organizational standards that raise the bar for women* in the workplace. For employers, its globally recognized endorsement and expert support helps them attract, nurture, and retain the diverse workforce that (data continues to prove) they need to thrive. It’s all about enabling workplaces to do better, while empowering women to expect better.

*by women this means all women (trans, intersex and cis), all those who experience oppression as women (including non-binary and gender non-conforming people) and all those who identify as women.

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