CSR partnership established between triiyo and The Hunger Project

Our partnership with The Hunger Project Australia enables us to move beyond the workplace into supporting communities globally with the same mission of inclusion, equality, and empowerment.

Eda Caspillo, Marketing & Sales Coordinator

CSR partnership established between triiyo and The Hunger Project

Sydney, October 2021 – triiyo, a new technology platform focused on the engagement and retention of employees before, during, and after leave periods has partnered with The Hunger Project Australia to support its mission of ending hunger and poverty by 2030 through the pioneering of sustainable, grassroots, women-centered strategies, and advocating for their widespread adoption in countries throughout the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnerships are not commonly established with early-stage startup organisations, yet that’s what Rebecca Grainger, CEO of triiyo was determined to do in-line with triiyo’s mission of supporting organisations in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces where you feel you belong. Rebecca felt there was a symbiotic relationship between triiyo and The Hunger Project Australia after meeting with Christine Khor, National Board Director of The Hunger Project.

"When I heard about the incredible work The Hunger Project is doing for women and communities in the four poorest countries in the world, I instantly knew I wanted to be involved.

triiyo was founded on creating inclusive workplaces. We promote parental leave equality so women have more opportunity to return to work and men have more opportunity to parent, equally. By doing this, we move the dial on gender and pay equality and begin to address the super gaps for women.


Our partnership with The Hunger Project Australia enables us to move beyond the workplace into supporting communities globally with the same mission of inclusion, equality, and empowerment.

– Rebecca Grainger, CEO at triiyo

The partnership between triiyo and The Hunger Project Australia is not just based on financial support, but also on shifting mindsets and perceptions on “the way things have been done”. The Hunger Project has developed successful long term programs as they know it’s possible for hunger to end.

“People who live in hunger are not the problem – they are the solution,” this is stated on the The Hunger Project Australia website. The Hunger Project Australia implements programs aimed at mobilising rural grassroots communities to achieve sustainable progress in health, education, nutrition, and family income.

“We don’t see a billion mouths to feed, we see a billion human beings who are enterprising and resilient. The work, therefore, is to unlock their capacity, creativity and leadership so they can end their own hunger” explained Sivanjana Kathiravel, Head of Partnerships at The Hunger Project.

triiyo is equally determined to shift mindsets and corporate perceptions on managing employee leave and return to work processes through its customised workflows. triiyo is an external platform for organisations to use that supports and connects employees, HR teams and managers during a staff member’s leave of absence. It’s a customisable communication and information sharing platform designed to increase connectivity, with a hub of expert resources supporting all employees across a range of topics such as, parental leave, wellbeing, workers compensation and more. It’s a safe space for employees to stay connected during periods of leave.

“We’re seeing a lot of organisations invest in an equitable parental leave policy as part of their commitment to diversity and inclusion, resulting in a more engaged workforce, higher retention of employees post parental leave and a more gender-balanced workforce,” says Rebecca Grainger, CEO at triiyo.

This partnership will continue to grow and flourish as triiyo builds up its customer base in Australia and abroad.

About triiyo

triiyo is an employee-centric, connectivity platform that simplifies the way people connect and communicate during workplace transitions. The centralised platform provides a safe space for employees to confidentially access support, connect and share information during complex events throughout the employee lifecycle.

Focused on employee wellbeing, engagement, and retention, organisations are able to prioritise the employee experience by supporting both managers and employees via automated tailored communication flows, communities and expertly curated content.

triiyo is seeking to partner with progressive HR people and innovative companies.

About The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project’s approach is different. People living in hunger are seen as the solution, not the problem. The Hunger Project works with people and within communities, shifting the mindsets of women and men so they transform into leaders for the sustainable end of hunger. Then, through programs such as education, microfinance, agriculture and health, The Hunger Project empowers people with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to break the poverty cycle themselves.

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