The Importance of HR Caring for Their People Better During Life Events

To enhance employee well-being, engagement, productivity, and retention in a competitive talent market, it is crucial for employers to provide support during workplace transitions.

The Importance of HR Caring for Their People Better During Life Events

Life events can happen to anyone, at any time. These events include starting a family, having mental health challenges, divorce, menopause, long-term sickness, or cancer. At triiyo, we believe that employers need to become better at caring for their people during these life transitions. When they do, they will improve employee well-being, engagement, productivity, and retention – which is very important in this talent-short market.

In a recent AHRI report, 55% of respondents reported that their work was negatively impacted by a life event, and 62% of respondents said they didn't receive any support from their employer during the event. However, when employees receive support from their employers during life events, they report increased job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and job performance.

The workplace can be a challenging environment, and life events can make it even more so. Employees may struggle with mental health challenges, long-term sickness, cancer, menopause, divorce, starting a family, and other significant life events. As an HR professional, it is essential to prioritize supporting employees during these times, not only for their wellbeing but for the benefit of the business as well.


"According to the AHRI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report of 2023, 79% of employees said that their employer was not supportive during their significant life events. "

This lack of support can lead to a decline in employee wellbeing and engagement, which can ultimately impact productivity and retention. On the other hand, when employers prioritize supporting their employees during life events, they can improve employee wellbeing, engagement, productivity, and retention.

At triiyo, we believe that employers need to become better at caring for their people during life transitions. We guide managers through this unknown territory, helping them support their staff better and have challenging conversations with their team members with compassion and understanding. As an external connectivity hub, triiyo offers employees the opportunity to seek confidential, independent advice away from their employer. This removes the psychological barrier to seeking support early on when they need it.

At triiyo, we understand that life events can be especially challenging for single parents. Being a sole parent can be the most rewarding, exciting, exhausting experience of someone's life. Some days are difficult, and they may make plenty of mistakes. But when a child says they love their parent, it makes it all worth it.


As Hilary Brainard of BlueChili Group said, "Being a sole parent is the most rewarding, exciting, exhausting experience of my life. Some days are difficult, and I make plenty of mistakes. But when my child says she loves me, it's all worth it."

It's crucial to remember that life events can happen to anyone, and it's essential to have support during these times. Employers that prioritize supporting their employees during these life transitions will see improved employee well-being, engagement, productivity, and retention. At triiyo, we're here to help employers navigate these unknown territories and support their staff through the ups and downs of life.

At triiyo, this month, we’re celebrating women in our network who have lived experiences of life events during their working career, and we asked them, "What has been the gift?"

One cancer survivor, Kathy Rhodes, Founder and CEO of Thought Alchemists, said, "Having cancer during Covid lockdowns gave me the profound gift of love, one that I never could have imagined. Despite the fear, physical pain, and extreme loneliness that came with my diagnosis and treatment, I was enveloped in a wave of love from my family, friends, and even strangers that carried me through my journey. More importantly than that, cancer opened the door to self-love. Something I wish for us all."

Sue Woodall, Founder of Live Work Cancer, another cancer survivor, said, "As one of an estimated 20,000 Australian women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, I was completely unprepared for the impact it would have on my life, my work, and career. Yet 2 ½ years on, I reflect on the experience with no regrets. While I would not wish cancer on anyone, I have entered a new chapter of life and founded LiveWorkCancer, and recognize the personal growth I have experienced through my cancer journey. While 'getting' cancer was not a choice I made, it has enabled me to give back to the community as I assist the next person navigates work-and-cancer."

Hannah Hardy-Jones, Founder of KITE, spoke about her experience with postnatal depression (PND), saying, "Having gone through such a traumatic mental health crisis following the birth of my first baby, I truly felt like I would never find myself again. Now I have a business dedicated to mental health and use my experience to give women hope that no matter how dark times can get, there is always a light even if it seems out of reach right now. I would not be doing what I am now without that experience and those struggles."

Mel Watson, Founder of What Mellie Did Next, also shared her story as a neurodivergent woman, saying, "I'm neurodivergent, an ADHDer with combination-type ADHD. This means something different to everyone who shares this diagnosis because our experiences are as unique as our fingerprints and shaped by so much more than how our brain works. One thing most women with this particular slice of ADHD share by our 40s though, is a long list of life experiences because we're risk takers and adventure seekers – not necessarily in the stereotypical, jump-out-of-a-plane

Lastly, Rebecca Grainger, CEO and Founder of triiyo, offers her perspective on the priceless value of life experiences, “Having experienced many life transitions to date (and no doubt more will come!), from depression in my 20’s to finding myself single parenting in my 40’s with many other bumps along the way, what these experiences have taught me is ‘you will be ok’. I learnt that we have what we need inside of us to get through anything life throws at us. To find the resilience and resources to manage life’s challenges, what worked for me and still works today, is turning inwards to find the calm amongst the chaos and to focus on gratitude. Shifting our mindset consciously and consistently is extremely powerful.


"Finally, these experiences highlighted the importance of human connection during difficult times and solidified our mission at triiyo to foster positive outcomes through the power of human relationships.”

Speak to us today to find out about how we can support you and your employees through parental leave, remote working, and other challenging work-life transitions.

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