The Top 10 Wellness Tips You Can Easily Implement this Year

Looking for some easy wellness tips to try and be a better you? triiyo has got you covered. We reached out to our expert partner, Cailie Ford Nutrition, for her help on the top wellness tips to set you up for the year ahead.

Eda Caspillo, Marketing & Sales Coordinator

The Top 10 Wellness Tips You Can Easily Implement this Year

We reached out to our expert partner, Cailie Ford Nutrition, for her help on the top wellness tips to set you up for the year ahead.

Sometimes it can feel impossible to put ‘you’ at the top of the to-do list when we’re all juggling different things, from relationships, seeking quality time with family, being at the top of your game at work, and enduring the highs and lows of parenthood. 

In reality, when it comes to health and wellness - all it takes are small, consistent steps to make a lasting impact. 

So we’re stripping that all back and reminding you of 10 simple things you can do to take you back on your journey to wellness. 

10 tips for wellness you can easily implement

1. Get outside and take a walk

Walking is a simple way to get a little more physical activity in your daily life. You can build activity slowly, and at your own pace – start with a 20 minute walk then increase gradually. Try to walk at least three times per week.  Cailie recommends “finding ways to incorporate incidental activities as much as possible...


"A simulated commute is a great idea at the start and end of your working day if you’re working from home."

– Cailie Ford Nutrition

2. Drink 2L of water a day

According to the World Health Organisation, adult women need to drink at least 2.2 litres of water per day, and men 2.5 litres. Drinking water can also help flush out our bodies of any toxins hanging around. When it comes to drinking water, Cailie states “hydration doesn’t just quench thirst, drinking enough water will help improve your sleep, energy and concentration.” 

3. Stand up 30 minutes whilst working

Standing while working can not only positively impact your work performance and productivity, but it has its health benefits too. It’s recommended to ease into it by starting with 30 to 60 minutes a day and gradually increasing it.

4. Try to get sunlight everyday

All it takes is about 10 to 15 minutes of daily exposure to jumpstart production of vitamin D and regulate your sleep schedule. Cailie’s tip is “to absorb Vitamin D, be sure to get out in the sunshine when the sun is overhead (between 10am-3pm).” But remember, too much sunlight is always something to keep in mind - don’t forget your sunscreen! 

5. Fill your home with houseplants

It’s worth thinking about investing in some house plants to help brighten up your surroundings and lift your mood. Employees who work in offices with plants tend to feel better about their jobs, worry less, and take fewer sick days.

6. Read a book

Reading as little as 6 minutes per day can improve your quality of sleep, reduce stress, and sharpen mental acuity according to a study by the University of Sussex.

7. Practice mindful eating

“There is a saying “never eat if you can see your knees”. This means take the time to sit at a table and enjoy your meal. By stopping to smell and connect with your food you are signalling to your body to switch on the digestion process before the food enters your mouth, which will help enormously to reduce any digestive upset. A relaxed environment for meals also helps to avoid overeating”, Cailie explains.

8. Get enough sleep

This can be a struggle for many with the constant distraction of screens before bed. But in general, adults need about 7-8 hours of sleep a night to feel properly rested, although this varies from 5-10 hours, depending on the individual.

9. Detox from the internet

Did you know - Australians spend nearly 40 hours a week online? If you haven’t considered it before, a ‘digital detox’ might just be what you need. Unplugging from social media and the constant overload of emails can boost your mental health and bring you back to balance with the real world.

10. Stay connected with family & friends

For working individuals, human connection plays a central part of employee engagement and wellbeing. The plus-side of many of us working flexibly and in the comfort of our own home, is that we get to spend more time with our loved ones - so use it to your advantage!

Why care? 

The past few years have shown how important it is to look after yourself. With working from home being the norm in today’s society, being in tune with your wellbeing matters now more than ever.

Self-care doesn’t have to be exhausting, you just have to get started!

triiyo helps you on your journey to wellness whether you’re a manager, or an employee figuring out how to balance work-and-life. Our holistic approach to employee wellbeing encompasses tools, resources and lots of advice from our Expert Partners in our ‘Wellbeing’ section in our Resource Hub.

Our HR automation tool is catered for professionals to keep them empowered and educated in all areas of life no matter how busy your schedule is.

About Cailie Ford Nutrition

Cailie is a Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc), a change management expert and a mum who brings lasting change to people’s lives with care, practicality and focus. 

Cailie uses the principles of incremental and human-centred change, wrapped in empathy, to bring sustainable and delicious improvement to groups and individuals all around the world. 

When it comes to eating, Cailie is a master at relaxing our relationship with food while keeping the focus on the things that matter, and habits that will endure. As a result, people who have struggled for years with symptoms or trying to navigate through nutritional misinformation, find a sustainable and enriching new way to live. | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook


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