Our story


Rebecca Grainger is the visionary founder of triiyo, a groundbreaking HR tech platform revolutionizing how organizations support their workforce.

Inspired by her personal journey as a parent, Rebecca founded triiyo with a singular goal: transforming the parental leave experience for all.

Today, triiyo is an industry leader, providing innovative and automated HR technology to foster supportive work environments.

Rebecca's commitment to creating empathetic workplaces has made her a trusted thought leader, driving transformative change in the HR tech industry.

Partner with triiyo to prioritize holistic employee wellbeing and create inspiring workplaces.

Our mission

Making life at work, work better

Our values



We know that being courageous requires vulnerability. Therefore, we celebrate failure as without failure, we can’t do great things and make an impact. We want you to have the courage to think big and step out of your comfort zone, so we wrap empathy around courage and vulnerability so you can be comfortable in your discomfort.



Everything we do and make, must have a sustainable and positive impact on people, organisations and communities. We believe that organisations have the ability to create a ripple effect on communities by caring for their people during the moments that matter. Our people are passionate about their contribution and our overall impact in the world.



At every stage we are innovating and making both our platform and ourselves better. All progress, no matter how small, moves us forward and keeps us on track to creating better, more humanistic workplaces with healthier, happier people. We’re results orientated and goal focused. We look for solutions not problems, and believe there are no mistakes, only lessons to learn and grow from.



We’re committed to creating a safe environment that allows you to show up completely as you. We celebrate differences in perspective, and seek diverse personalities so that our culture represents the world around us. For us to grow and be competitive, it requires a trustworthy team. This means respect, open-mindedness, kindness and integrity.

Our culture

Our culture values people who operate with courage and integrity to create an environment that is transparent, honest, and compassionate. Human connection is core to our product, just as it is to our culture. We seek people who operate with respect and empathy, who communicate with a willingness to challenge and be challenged.

There are no glass ceilings or cliffs, and no founder dictators here. We want everyone to love their work, build a product people love, and a company you’d love to work in. As an early employee, you will help us shape this culture.

We are building a culture where people like you can really make an impact, where innovation and excellence are recognised, and where new ideas are encouraged.

We’re transparent in everything we do, and value your input from day one. We do not want our people to blend in, in fact, we want them to stand out. We recognise that innovative thinking comes from having a diverse workforce, so if you are good at what you do and want to make an impact then come as you are.


At some point in our lives, almost everyone who works will need time away from their job to care for themselves or someone they love. A new baby, an aging parent, a sick family member, a startling diagnosis: these are constraints of life. Workers want to know that when the inevitable happens, they’ll be able to stay connected to their jobs and maintain some financial security. Melinda French Gates, TIME.

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