Normalising Mental Health at Work with Steve Kay

PEP TALKS with triiyo #4

Join us for our fourth episode of PEP TALKS with triiyo, where our CEO & Founder, Rebecca Grainger speaks with Mental Health Clinician, Steve Kay about normalising mental health at work and the importance of using lived experiences to help break the stigma.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Changing perceptions in the mental health industry

  • Normalising the conversation and being vulnerable as a leader

  • Steve and Rebecca’s own journey/lived experiences with mental health

  • Are there “risky industries” when it comes to psychological injuries

  • How to be aware of what triggers you

  • Signs to start seeking mental health support

  • The role of the employer in mental health in early intervention

  • Commercial benefits to productivity and absenteeism

About Steve Kay

Steve is a passionate thought leader of mental health and wellbeing. Having witnessed firsthand the exponential rise in mental health disorders, Steve shares awareness through insights and trends in mental health and wellbeing. Steve has a clinical background and believes that empowering recovery is vital to ensure healthy individuals, communities and organisations.

Steve is conscious of the current uncertainty following disruption and challenges of the pandemic, which has seen a considerable rise in mental health issues - in particular anxiety.

Steve is passionate that the lived experience of mental health is validated and discussed; having himself having experienced clinical depression and anxiety. He has seen that recovery is possible and through his work aims to reduce the impact of suicide on communities and families.

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About triiyo

triiyo is an employee-centric, connectivity platform that simplifies the way people connect and communicate during life transitions at work. triiyo’s mission is to connect the dots between life and work for happier, human workplaces. The centralised platform provides a safe space for employees to confidentially access support, connect and share information throughout the entire work-life cycle.

Focused on employee wellbeing, engagement and retention, organisations are able to prioritise the employee experience by supporting both managers and employees via automated and tailored Journeys, Communities and an expertly curated Resource Hub.

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